Objectives for my Blog

My name is Craig Temple and I live near Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada on an acreage with my beautiful wife, Lisa, and our two precious children, Mayah (2.5years) and Nathan (11months). I’m a family man that loves to hunt and guide! I have been addicted to hunting since I was a young boy. My Dad and Grandpa got me into the sport at 12years old and I’ve been hooked since. I shot my first big game animal, a white-tail doe, at the age of 13 with my bow and arrow. It’s a hunt I will never forget.

On this blog, I will add photos (new and old) and experiences involving hunting and my life as it applies to hunting. I will also review gear and equipment that I have purchased in hopes that people will be informed on products before they spend the money on it themselves. I don’t claim to be a professional hunter, but I have had some amazing experiences and encounters and there will be more to come. I hope that you enjoy some of my photos and stories.

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